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What started back in the 1940’s with the development of the original Mallard Toller created by Frank Heidelbauer and is still hand-crafted 70 years later by his grandson Todd Heidelbauer.    Whether you’re looking for our famous duck calls, custom-made interior shutters, marsh stools or a custom billiard table, you’ll find all the information here.  Enjoy our website and if you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us at duckcall@heidelbauer.com or 605.231.4090.

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My grandfather, Frank Heidelbauer, was very insistent upon giving back to that which has given to us. In South Dakota he was known as “Grandpa DU” or “Grandpa Duck.” In the early 1970’s Frank was asked to become the State Chairman of South Dakota Ducks Unlimited. During his year as South Dakota State Chairman chapters increased from four to more then 30.

In the many years that followed he held numerous positions including Chapter Chairman, Area and Zone Chairman, a member of the State Council, South Dakota State Delegate, National Trustee, National Trustee Emeritus, was on dozens of local committees with many positions, and State Major Donor Chairman, as well as more.

He donated thousands of dollars worth of duck and goose calls over the years, but never cared to keep track of the exact dollar amount as that wasn’t important to him. Through these years he pledged and fulfilled a Life Sponsor commitment.

In 1992 Ducks Unlimited dedicated a slough and wetlands area to Frank making him the first ever singular person to have a Ducks Unlimited project dedicated in their name. The governor of South Dakota proclaimed it Frank Heidelbauer Day as political and business leaders came in from 16 different states for the dedication and celebration. Now, the highest award given to a senior volunteer in South Dakota is called “The Frank Heidelbauer Award.” He is remembered every year with a special presentation of this award at the South Dakota State Ducks Unlimited Convention.



Through the many early days with my grandfather, I attended DU committee meetings as I had with my own father as a young boy. I now proudly serve on several local and state committees, am a State Delegate, and National Trustee in addition to other responsibilities. I too committed and fulfill mu Life Sponsor Pledge.

Shortly before my grandfather’s passing, I pledged and fulfilled on his behalf Diamond Life Sponsor. He was the first ever Diamond Life Sponsor in South Dakota along with good friend Terry Boxdorfer.

I have also upgraded and fulfilled my Sponsor in Perpetuity pledge. I am happy to be working towards my recent pledge of Grand Slam Diamond Sponsor in Perpetuity. I sadly have not kept track of the number of calls that I’ve donated nor the dollar amount rose, but am happy to say that it is a significant amount. I am honored to have the ability to make these special duck calls and use them to raise money “For the Ducks!”

Please join Ducks Unlimited and help keep yours and my passion alive. Check www.ducks.org for membership and or a fund raising dinner banquet in your area.

For the Ducks!
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