Heidelbauer Marsh Stool

The Heidelbauer Marsh Stool uses two pieces of Ash (stronger than Oak) that are attached together using pieces of aluminum angle. Two more pieces are properly positioned at the bottom of the stool to create a base in the mud or muck. It will create a solid base in any mud, muck, or sand and never sink. The measurements of the stool have evolved over many years of use. It is just the right height to be able to stand quickly when the waterfowl is prime for taking.

This stool is much stronger than any of the stools on the market today. These stools can take all the abuse you can dish out. There are no moving pieces so nothing can break, which is the main problem with most stools in the sporting goods catalogs. Nor is there anything that will rust or decay. As mentioned the bracing is aluminum, and the Ash is finished with a product called Plas-tek. The finish is extremely strong and durable. The stool also comes with a carrying strap.

“You can’t believe how well these stools
work until you’ve enjoyed an entire day on
one in the marsh. I have used and thrown
away all the other stools I’ve ever
come across until this one.”
– Dr. Robert E. Nelson

The price of the Heidelbauer Marsh Stool $50.00 + shipping.

"One of the best things I've ever
designed and developed."
- Frank Heidelbauer